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The white crystal craft gifts: focus, focus, expand the memory function, is all the energy complex, says the king of crystal. Can town curtilage, evil, block evil spirit, purify body, remove disease gas, fortune and good luck.
Purple crystal craft gifts: the development of intelligence, stable mood, improve the intuition, help thinking, focus on reading ability, increased memory capacity, enhance interpersonal relationship, give people the courage and strength. Representative Gao Jie faithful love, often as a couple of promise stone. Amethyst also represents "loving stone" in western countries, can give lovers, a couple of deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.
Ametrine craft gift: a symbol of intelligence and wealth, in other words, have the double effect of Amethyst and Huang Shuijing; more can strengthen the sixth sense. Have the function of resolving sims. With the blending two extreme energy function, the most suitable for the partnership enterprise, parent-child communication, sir subordinates, lovers, husband and wife communication gems.
Purple crystal craft gifts: the main intelligence, inspiration, creativity, teach the open heart, the strengthening of beauty.
Huang Shuijing craft gift: belong to the mental body, to enhance their self-confidence, enrichment, main partial finances, often bring a person windfall, wealth crystal. Help mood is gentle, practice teaching people to follow the prescribed order. Strengthen the liver and stomach and digestive organ, especially the stomach cold.
Ghost crystal craft gifts: nickname "ghost guy mammon", the reason is its color with $very similar, but also live up to one's name has the ability to attract wealth, so it can become a businessman's pet, help to improve thinking, open mind, with lucky and highly condensed the power of wealth, is money, is the representative of the the accumulation of wealth by hard work. Strengthen the heart function, stable emotions (nervous, insomnia, anger, delusion). On the heart, lung, immune system, thymus, lymph glands, heart disease, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing has auxiliary treatment efficacy.
Titanium crystal craft gifts: titanium is a crystal grain ethnic groups, the most powerful energy, often the symbol of good fortune, wealth, such as the Buddha's blessings. General titanium crystal with all the six main energy, finance, wealth, popularity, ward off evil spirits, health, anti villain. (Note: the body is weak or itself field empty, is not recommended to wear)
Hair crystal craft gifts: a powerful energy, can strengthen the momentum, to bring people to the strong ambition, drive, courage, strengthen one's confidence and assertiveness, can bring a person courage, can help people to cast energy of the authority, with implementation help leaders command. Recruit Lord wealth, wealth; can go to disease gas, to help the bones and muscles, nervous system.
Red hair crystal craft gifts: recruit Lord wealth, wealth; can strengthen the vitality, self-confidence, health and. Adjust the female hormone, help in the treatment of gynecological diseases, treatment is weak, low blood pressure, skin not shiny, fragile and sensitive. Stop the pain, blood to reconcile, the hormone disorder have more effect therapy.
Green Rutilated Quartz craft gift: (strength Fajing) the Lord is fortune, increase business, make business prosperity, but also promote physical health, improve people's fortune.


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